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445 82nd Avenue,
St. Pete Beach,
Florida 33706
727.360 .1147
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Seniors Corner

The mission of the St. John Vianney Seniors’ Group is to bring our senior parishioners together, not only in a social environment, but also in a religious one. Their many diverse skills are an asset to our church community. These skills can be used in many ways to support our church, school and our community. Using these skills will enhance our seniors’ dignity, support their independence and give them a feeling of self-worth and accomplishment. This is our ultimate goal.

Our summer senior event schedule will be on vacation along with many of our seniors and ‚snowbirds.‛ Our Activities Committee will be working through the summer to research and pro-vide fantastic 2009–2010 senior activities schedule. The first activity/trip will be in September.

We are looking for senior volunteers to serve as officers and committee members. We have adopted a rotation policy where all seniors are provided the opportunity to contribute their time and talents in support of our seniors’ group. Each volunteer is asked to serve for a year. We need your help to support the St. John Vianney Seniors’ Group.

For further information concerning our Seniors’ Group, please call our Chairman, Len Piotti, at 393.7516 or email


Contact Priscilla Romano at 360.1147, ext. 232




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